Recover Data from Crashed OS

How to Recover Data from Crashed OS?

Often the computer stops functioning properly due to the OS crash. It can be understood that the OS got crashed when the OS has stopped working or responding to the user. Since it is essential to recover the data stored in the computer with a crashed OS, these instructions below can help in Recover Data from Crashed OS.

  • To recover data from the crashed OS, the simplest way is to use a recovery software tool. This software helps in restoring data from the hard drives even though the OS is crashed.
  • Sometimes, the physical hard drive will not have any damage, so it is better to take out the hard drive from your computer. Try connecting it to a good working computer and retrieve the data.
  • There will be an inbuilt recovery feature that can repair the crash by itself. Enabling the System Recovery Options boots the computer and gives the option to fix the Recover Data from Crashed OS problems.
  • Maintain a backup of the drive to restore the data to a new device if a crash occurs.
  • After the computer crashes, there are chances to find the data and files in Recycle Bin or any other folder. So check the missing data properly and then try to restore it.
  • When there are only small issues, you can format the partition in the drive and use it to install the new software.
  • Contact our service experts to restore the essential data without any damage.

How to recover OS from hard drive crash?

The hard drive is a physical component. A crash can occur when there is a physical problem like ticking, buzzing, or any other noises are generated. The hard drives can fail with logical damage; also, these are caused by the malware, deleting files by mistake, or any device Recover Data from Crashed OS issues.

How to recover OS from hard drive crash?

How to recover crashed OS in macbook pro?

The macOS Recovery can be used to repair and remove data in hard disks manually, and it also helps to install and remove macOS in your device.

When the MacBook crashes, it shows a notification display while starting the device.

  • After the device restarts, a notification report pops up. 
  • Select Show Details to get a full report about the issue on your device.
  • The reason for the cause will be displayed. You can fix this problem by setting the device management. For that, click Go from the top and select Utilities.
  • A new window will open, choose Disk utility.
  • In the Disk Utility window, click on the hard drive having an operating system.
  • Select the First Aid icon that is on top and click Run.
  • Then select Done to finish.

To restore the macOS, you will need an internet connection.

  • While restarting the device, press the command + R keys together. This will boot the device.
  • Now, select ‘Restore from Time Machine Backup’ to restore from the backup that is already enabled.
  • After which, you can see the MacOS Utilities window, select Disk Utility and continue.
  • Now choose the hard disk and click Erase.
  • Click mac OS Extended in the format option and erase it.
  • Close the window once the process is complete.
  • After deleting the data in your hard drive, you can reinstall macOS in the same macOS Utilities window. Select Reinstall macOS from the menu and choose a destination.

 How to recover Windows OS from crashed drive?

If you can boot the device regardless of the crash that occurred, restarting and copying the data in the hard drive to another storage is not going to help. Instead, try using any recovery software to restore data from hard drives.

  • Windows has the System Recovery Options that help to fix the errors in the device. Click start and select Settings.
  • Next, choose Update and Security, and click Recovery.
  • Below Reset this PC, click Get started to begin the recovery.
  • Now, restart the device by pressing the Shift key and clicking the power icon on the screen, then select Restart.
  • After the restart begins, click on Troubleshoot and select Reset this PC.
Recover Data from Crashed OS

Another method is to erase the drive and reinstall the Windows completely.

  • Click Start and select SettingsUpdate and SecurityWindows Update.
  • Under the Windows Update, choose View your update history and then click Uninstall updates.
  • Now, right-click on the update which you want to remove and click Uninstall.
  • From the File Explorer folder, select the drive with the installation file.
  • Install the setup and then click Change what to keep.
  • Choose what files you want to keep and click Install.

To recover, you need a recovery drive with the backup files.

  • Switch on the device after connecting the recovery drive to it.
  • Restart your device. From the screen, click Troubleshoot.
  • Then select Advanced options.
  • Click System Restore.

To restore from a system restore point, open the Recovery settings from Control Panel.

  • Next, click Open System Restore.
  • Click Next in the Restore system files and setting the window.
  • Choose the restore point and scan the damaged Recover Data from Crashed OS programs.
  • Now, click on Close, Next, and Finish in sequence.