Recover Data from Dead iPhone

How to Recover Data from Dead iPhone?

You can recover data from dead iphone only if you have already backed up the files to the icloud or itunes backup location.To recover the data, you have to use a third-party data recovery software. Imessages, notes, photos, videos, calendar entries, whatsapp history, internet history, text messages, call history, and contacts can be recovered.Carry out these steps to recover the data from a dead iphone:

  • Download and install a standard iphone data recovery software on your computer device.
  • Connect the iphone to the computer with the help of a usb cable.
  • Select the recover from icloud, recover from itunes, or recover from the ios device options from the left side panel of the data recovery software.
  • Your iphone name and size of the data that can be recovered will get be on the screen.
  • Click the scan button to scan the files to your selected option.
  • Wait until the scanning process completes on Recover Data from Dead iPhone.
  • The scanning time of the software depends upon the size of the data accumulated on your iphone.
  • You can also select the specific files such as photos/videos, contacts/messages, or notes/others on your backed-up data.
  • Preview the files and check if the necessary data are present or not.
  • Select the files you wish to recover and click the recover button.
  • Choose the drive location on your computer to store the recovered data.
  • Finally, the data is recovered to your dead iphone.
  • Contact our technical experts if you have any issues with performing the steps mentioned above.
Recover Data from Dead iPhone