Recover Data From Factory Reset Blackberry

Recover Data From Factory Resetting Blackberry

When you factory reset your BlackBerry phone, all the data stored on it will be lost. You cannot recover or retrieve the lost data unless you have a backup. In case you have a backup on your computer or any other device, you can recover all your photos, movies, contacts, songs, etc. from that device. Using a data recovery software might help on some occasions, but not all. The factory reset of your Blackberry phone is also known as a “security wipe.” There are two major situations where you might have to recover data on your Blackberry phone. Continue reading to find out what those situations are and whether you can recover data from your Blackberry in each of those scenarios. Continue reading to know how to recover data from factory reset Blackberry.

Scenario 1-If you just had a security wipe or factory reset your Blackberry:

In this situation, you do not have any possible means of recovering the lost data unless you already have got a backup (as mentioned earlier). In a security wipe, all the data stored on your Blackberry’s internal memory will be completely erased. And that is why Blackberry has named it “security wipe.” In common terms, we call it a “factory reset.” In this case, the only way to recover your data is to check if you have backups on your computer. In case you have set up auto-sync between your Blackberry and your computer, you will definitely have a backup on your computer. Check relevant folders on your computer and see if you do have a backup of all your pictures, contacts, etc. If yes, congratulations! You can just go ahead and sync this backup data to your phone and make use of it. Now, you have seen how to recover data from factory resetting Blackberry.

Scenario 2-If you have just now formatted (or wiped) your mass memory card:

In this case, you would have wiped the mass memory card that is attached to your Blackberry phone. When this happens, it is possible to retrieve your data. However, you need to keep one thing in mind-you must not save any additional data to your mass memory card because your data might get overwritten. Try using any digital media recovery software. There are several recovery software available in the market. Use a trusted and reputed software to retrieve your pictures, songs, and videos from your Blackberry memory card. Now, you should have got a fairly good picture of how to recover data from factory reset Blackberry. You can restore data to your BlackBerry phone using the BlackBerry Protect app. To do the same, follow the instructions given here. These instructions will help restore data to your BlackBerry after a factory reset:

  • First, open your BlackBerry Protect app.
  • Next, select the checkboxes provided beside the types of data to be restored. For instance, to restore your contacts, select the checkbox next to your Address Book.
  • Now, you need to select your Backup Frequency.
  • You now have to enable or disable the Location Reporting option.
  • Next, click on the Connect button to connect your BlackBerry ID to the Protect app.
  • Choose the Restore From Backup or the Start Protect option.
  • You will now find the Blackberry Protect Service License Agreement on the screen. So, review and then accept the terms of this agreement.
  • Finally, you have to select any backup file from which you want to restore data.
recover data from factory reset Blackberry

Talking about backups, there is another method to backup all your data. And that is by using cloud backup, which many people use. It is quite simple and automated, and you can back up all your data in a few minutes. For example, you can make use of Google Drive or Google Photo for your backups. However, for those who do not trust cloud backups, you need to use your computer or any other external storage device for backing up all your data. You have now seen the ways to recover data from factory resetting BlackBerry. We can conclude by saying that the data stored on your mobile device could be lost forever at any time. To prevent such loss of data, you need to have a backup in a place that is not on your mobile device. So, backing up all your data to the SD card, which is in the device, is not advisable. Now, you know recover data from factory reset Blackberry.