Recover Data from SD Card Windows

How to Recover Data from SD Card Windows?

You can use a trusted third-party data recovery software to recover your deleted data from an SD card on a Windows system. The guided instructions given below explains how to Recover Data from SD Card Windows using the MiniTool Power Data Recovery tool.

  • The MiniTool Power Data Recovery tool is available for download.
  • To install this data recovery software on your Windows system, first, download it from its official site.
  • While downloading, make sure that the selected software file suits your Windows OS version type.
  • After downloading, install the Recovery software on your system by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Insert your SD card into your Windows system using a card reader or an adapter.
  • Launch the MiniTool Power Data Recovery application on your system to begin the recovery process.
  • Select your SD card in the Logical Drive section.
  • Click the Scan button. Wait for the data recovery software to complete the scanning process.
  • Once the MiniTool Power Data Recovery software completes the scanning process, a list of recoverable files will be displayed on the screen.
Recover Data from SD Card Windows
  • Select the files you want from the displayed list. Click the Save button.
  • If required, choose a location to save the recovered files.
  • To get remote assistance in Recover Data from SD Card Windows, click the Call button.