Easy Steps To Recover Deleted Contacts On Android And Iphone

Accidently or unknowingly deleting or removing a contact detail from an Android or iPhone is a very common thing. The good thing is that there are some ways to recover the deleted or lost contact(s).Easy, simple, and quick methods that will help you recover deleted contacts on Android and iPhone are explained on this page.

Recover Deleted Contacts

Recover Deleted Contacts- Let’s Do It

For Android

If you’re an Android phone user, you can recover the lost or deleted contacts using your Google account.

  • Initially, make sure that your smartphone is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Next, open the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Google option on the Settings screen.
  • Select Set up & restore > Restore contacts.
  • Now, if you have configured more than one Google account on your phone, the screen prompting you to pick the account from which you want to recover the contacts will open.
  • Tap on the From account option.
  • After choosing the account, tap Phone > Restore.
  • Now, all the contacts that are backed up on your Google account will be synced with the Phone contacts.
  • Once the restoration process is done, check if the deleted contact is restored.
  • If yes, the restoration process is done successfully. Otherwise, contact us.

How To Restore Contacts From Outlook And Whatsapp?

Reinstalling the WhatsApp or Outlook app will restore old, new, and deleted contacts.

For Iphone

Two simple methods that help you recover deleted contacts on your iPhone are listed below.

From iCloud


You can use any one of these two methods to recover your deleted contacts on your iPhone.

From Icloud

If you have taken a backup of the deleted contacts on your iCloud account, follow the instructions below.

  • Access your iCloud account from an iPad or computer.
  • Click or tap on the Account Settings command under your Account name.
  • Go to the Advanced section.
  • Click or tap on the Restore Contacts command.
  • Select Restore > Restore to recover the deleted contacts.


If you have saved the contacts on your Gmail account, you can easily recover the deleted contact from it.

  • Ensure that your iPhone (on which you're using Gmail) is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Choose Mail > Accounts > Gmail account.
  • Tap the toggle button beside the Contacts option if it is disabled.
  • Now, the contact details stored on your Gmail account will start syncing with the iPhone.

Are you still not able to Recover deleted contacts on your iPhone or Android phone? Then, contact us using the call option.

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