How To Recover Deleted Files In A Veracrypt Container?

Retrieve Veracrypt Container Deleted Files

A VeraCrypt container stores all encrypted data, including file names, folders, free space, and more. To decrypt the files stored on this container, you just have to open it. Now, if you have deleted the files in the VeraCrypt container, then there is a way to recover them. Since VeraCrypt is a partition, you can use the data recovery software like EaseUS Partition Master or TestDisk to recover the deleted data. TestDisk is a free application. To recover the deleted file using TestDisk, you have to use the Command Prompt window. The EaseUS Partition Master software is an easy-to-use software that helps you to recover deleted files in a Veracrypt container easily.

Recovering Deleted Files Using EaseUS Partition Master

  • First, download and install the Easeus Partition Master application on your computer.
  • Make sure to download this application from its official site.
  • Once the EaseUS application is installed, open it to begin the recovery process.
  • On the main screen of the application, you can find the disks that are connected to your computer.
  • Now, click the Partition Recovery tab available at the top of the main screen.
  • Select the VeraCrypt partition location from the displayed locations.
  • Click the Scan button.
  • Now, the scan process will be initiated by the EaseUS application.
  • Once the scan process is completed, the partitions that can be recovered will be listed on the screen.
  • Choose the files that you have deleted from the VeraCrypt container.
Recover Deleted Files In A Veracrypt Container
  • Click the Recover Now button.
  • If prompted, select or create a folder to save the recovered files.
  • Once recover deleted files in a Veracrypt container, check if all selected files have been recovered. If not, contact our technical experts to restore the deleted files in the VeraCrypt container.