How To Recover Deleted Items In A User Mailbox?

Recover Deleted Items In A User Mailbox

If you have deleted some items from your Outlook mailbox and don’t know how to recover them, then the section below will help to recover deleted items in a user mailbox. You can use the In-Place eDiscovery tool in Exchange Online to recover deleted items.

Step 1: Provide Necessary Permissions

  • Sign in to Microsoft.
  • Click on the app launcher icon.
  • Select the Admin option.
  • Click the down arrow button beside the Admin centers option to expand it.
  • Select the Exchange option.
  • Now, a window titled Exchange admin center will open.
  • Click Permission > Admin roles > Discovery Management > Edit.
  • Go to the Role Group section followed by Members.
  • Click the Add button.
  • Select your name from the list.
  • Click the Add button followed by OK.
  • In the Role Group window, click the Save button.
  • Now, sign out of Microsoft 365.

Step 2: Run In-Place eDiscovery Tool

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Open App launcher.
  • Click Admin > Exchange.
  • In the Exchange admin center window, click Compliance management > In-Place eDiscovery & Hold > New.
  • Enter the name and a description (optional) on the Name and Description page. Click Next.
  • Select the Specify mailboxes to search option on the Mailboxes page. Make sure to click the Add button.
  • Enter the user's name and click the Add button followed by OK.
  • On the Search query dialog box, select the Include all content or Filter based on criteria, specify the search keyword, start date, end date, from, to, and message types to search.
  • Click the Next button followed by Finish.
  • Now, the search process will be initiated.
  • Once it is completed, the items that were found during the search process will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click the Preview search results button to see the found items.
  • If the item you’re looking for is found, change the search criteria.
  • To do so, click Search > Edit > Search query.
  • After changing the search criteria, run the scan.

Step 3: Exporting Found Items To A PST File

Now, you have to export the found items to a PST file to recover deleted items in a user mailbox. To perform the export process quickly, just follow the simple instructions that are given below

  • Open the Exchange admin center window.
  • Click Compliance management > In-Place eDiscovery & Hold.
  • Select the created search and click Export to a PST file.
  • Click the Run button if you’re prompted to install the eDiscovery Export tool.
  • Click the Browse button.
  • Select the location to download the PST file.
  • After selecting the location, click the Start button first.
  • Now, the PST file will be downloaded on your computer.
  • Once the export process is completed, send the exported PST file to the user and recover deleted items in a user mailbox using the PST file.

Step 4: Sending The PST File To The User

  • Go to the File Explorer or Windows Explorer window.
  • Browse and select the PST file.
  • Now, right-click on the PST file and select the Send to option followed by the Compressed (zipped) folder.
  • Compose a new email message.
  • Attach the compressed PST file.
  • In the To field, enter the user’s email address correctly.
  • Click the Send button.

Step 5: Recover Deleted Items Using The PST File

  • Open the Outlook 2013 or 2016 application on your computer.
  • Click File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File.
  • Browse the location and select the PST file.
  • Click the Open button.
  • Expand the PST file.
  • Now, to recover an item, right-click on it and select the Move option followed by Other Folder.
  • Similarly, recover all items. If you need remote assistance to recover deleted items in a user mailbox, contact us.