Recover Files Damaged By A Virus

Recover Files Damaged By A Virus

Sometimes your computer might behave abnormally, like taking too much time to launch an app, frequent pop-ups, automatic downloads, freezing of the screen, etc. All these are the signs of the presence of viruses or malware on your system. Also, there is a possibility for you to lose your files. There are ways to prevent the virus intrusion, and in case the virus damages your files, you can still recover them. Read more on how to recover files damaged by a virus on a Windows system.

1. Use the Command Prompt

  • On the desktop, click the search bar, enter ‘cmd,’ and right-click the Command Prompt result.
  • Select the Run as administrator option to open it.
  • When the command prompt window opens, type the following command line and press Enter.
  • attrib –h –r –s /s /d driveletter:\*.*
  • The system will now repair the corrupted drive and you can check if the damaged files are still present on the drive.

2. Recover from the backup

  • If you used to back up the system files regularly, it is easier for you to recover them from the backup.
  • Open the Control Panel window on your computer.
  • Following that, select the Backup and Restore menu and navigate to the Restore section.
  • Click the Restore my files button and as a result, the Restore Files window will open.
  • Browse the files or folders infected by the virus and click Next.
  • Choose where you want to restore the files. Either select In the original location or In the following location and browse the location.
  • Once the recovery is made, verify the files and move them to another storage media to prevent the virus attack.

3. Recover from the OneDrive

  • Windows system has a feature that stores a copy of all your files, called File History. But you should have enabled the OneDrive cloud storage available on the computer.
  • Open the File Explorer on your computer, click the Home tab and select the History menu in the Open division.
  • When the files saved on the cloud appears in the File History window, select the files you want to recover and click the green button. For more solutions on Recover Files Damaged By A Virus contact with us.