How To Recover Photos After A Factory Reset?

How To Recover Photos After A Factory Reset?

Once you factory reset your Android mobile phone, you will lose all your data stored on it. However, you can recover them. You have three different methods to get back all the lost data. The steps to recover photos after a factory reset of an Android mobile are provided below.

Method 1 - Restore Your Photo From A Local Backup

  • On your Android mobile phone, locate the Settings application and tap its icon.
  • Select the Backup and Restore option followed by the Restore option.
  • Choose the backup file that you have created before factory resetting the Android mobile phone.
  • After selecting the file, restore the photos you lost after the factory reset.
  • Note: To restore from a local backup, you should have enabled the Backup feature. If you didn’t create the backup, you could not perform this method to restore your lost photos.

Method 2 - Restore Your Photo From A Google Account

  • After the factory reset, you have to set up your Android mobile phone again.
  • While setting up the phone, you will see the Restore options on the screen.
  • Select it and tap the Restore option.
  • All your lost data will be recovered to the Android mobile phone.
  • Note: You can prefer this method if you have linked your Android mobile phone to your Google account before the factory reset.

Method 3 - Restore Your Photo Using A Third-party Data Recovery Software

  • If you haven’t created a backup or linked the phone to your Google account, you still have a chance to recover your lost photo, i.e., using data recovery software.
  • To do this, you must install the data recovery software on your computer.
  • Establish a connection between your Android mobile phone and the computer using a USB cable.
  • The software scans the phone and displays the result. Select the photo you want to retrieve and click Recover. This is how you can recover photos after a factory reset on your Android mobile phone.