Seagate Data Recovery Tool

Seagate Data Recovery Tool

Seagate not only offers storage drives but also provides the Seagate Data Recovery tool to restore the lost files on your hard disk drives.

Download & Installation

  • On your computer, launch the default browser after ensuring that you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Visit the official Seagate site and download the free trial version of the Data Recovery tool for your system.
  • After completing the download, double-click the setup file on the desktop to run the installation wizard.
  • Click the Next button in the setup wizard and agree to the EULA by selecting the checkbox on the End User License Agreement screen.
  • To select a location to install the Data Recovery tool, click on Browse.
  • After selecting a file location, click OK and select Install.
  • Wait until the data recovery tool is completely installed.
  • Click the Finish button and run the software to proceed with the file recovery process.
  • When the trial period is expired, activate the software to continue using it on your computer.

Recover Lost Files Using Seagate

  • First, ensure that you have properly connected your Seagate hard drive to your computer.
  • Next, launch the data recovery tool and click on Recover Lost Files.
  • Choose the Seagate hard disk drive from the displayed list.
  • Select either Simple & Quick Scan or Advanced & Detail Scan based on your wish and click the right-arrow button.
  • Wait until the scan is completed.
  • Now, you can see all the deleted files on your hard drive.
  • Select the files you wish to recover and continue with the recovery process.
  • Now, choose a location to save the recovered files, select the location on your computer, and click Next.
  • Finally, click the Recover button to start recovering the deleted files using the Seagate Data Recovery tool.