Best Data Recovery Software For Mac To Find Lost Data & Files

You might have lost your favorite photos or important files due to a system crash. Sometimes, you might have deleted your files to solve the disk space issue on your hard drive. However, you can easily recover those missing or deleted files using best data recovery software for mac. There are plenty of applications from which you can choose one, and install on your Mac to recover your lost data and files.

Best Data Recovery Software For Mac

Some Of The Best Recovery Software For Mac

  • Disk Drill: Disk Drill for Mac is one of the best data recovery software that can quickly retrieve your lost files. You can recover the deleted files from the internal drives. The software is also available for iOS and Android devices. It supports more number of file formats and also comes with free disk tools.
  • Photo Rec: Photo Rec is an effective recovery tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It can recover JPEG images, MP3 audios, PDF and Word documents, and ZIP archives. You can recover files from any devices like digital camera memory cards and USB flash drives by connecting those devices to your Mac computer.
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also the best when it comes to retrieving lost files on a Mac computer. It is available as a free trial version, Pro version, and Unlimited version. The free data recovery software itself can recover data from your hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, SD cards, and many other devices. This software is mostly used to recover photos, videos, music, and document files.
  • TestDisk: TestDisk for Mac is an open-source file recovery software that is available for free. This software mostly recovers files that are lost due to partitions. TestDisk is compatible with all the latest versions of macOS. It ensures you of reliable data recovery results.
  • iSkysoft Data Recovery: iSkysoft has a simple user interface and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later versions. It can recover photos, documents, and music files from your Mac computer. iSkysoft can recover a wide range of file formats, and you can recover up to 1 GB data using the free version of the recovery software. If you need remote assistance regarding the best data recovery software for mac, click the call button.