How does Toolwiz time freeze work

How does Toolwiz time freeze work

Toolwiz Time Freeze is an application that saves a virtual backup of the current system state so that it can be restored after each restart of the computer. After the system state is backed up by the Toolwiz software, users can install applications, browse the Internet, and so on, as they would on any other computer. However, since Toolwiz Time Freeze is installed, the computer reverts to the backed-up state when the device is restarted by the user. This is useful and advantageous to the user since it allows testing of applications and files which have the capacity to harm a computer without any risks. This is because the applications and files that were launched/opened after the backup of the system state will no longer be on the computer when it is restarted.

Toolwiz time freeze work

How to use Toolwiz Time Freeze

  • Here are the guidelines to use Time Freeze on a computer.
  • Download the Toolwiz Time Freeze application from the official Toolwiz site and install it on your computer.
  • During the Time Freeze installation, the Optional Settings window opens. Here, you can choose to enable/disable Time Freeze according to your preference.
  • Click the checkbox beside the Enable Password Protection option to toggle password protection on. Click the Modify Password button to change the password. Follow the rest of the Time Freeze installer prompts to finish the installation. Restart the computer.
  • Launch the Toolwiz Time Freeze application and view the icons on the application’s dashboard.
  • Now, click the checkbox beside the ‘Enable Time Freeze automatically when Windows starts’ option.
  • If you want certain folders to be excluded from the Time Freeze application, click the checkbox beside Enable Folder Exclusion when Time Freeze is ON. Click Add Folder and add the folder which needs to be excluded.
  • You can check whether the application works by deleting certain folders on the computer. When you restart the computer, you will find that Time Freeze has preserved the files, i.e., the system has been restored to an earlier state. (With the files on the computer.)

Toolwiz Time Freeze For Windows 7

The Toolwiz Time Freeze application helps you test applications on your computer and delete files temporarily. The Toolwiz Time Freeze program saves the current system state, clones it, and retrieves it every time the computer is restarted. This means that a Windows 7 user can install/test programs, open/delete files without any issues. When the Windows 7 computer is restarted, the newly installed applications will no longer be on the computer, and the deleted files will be on the computer. Navigate to the manufacturer’s official site and download the Toolwiz Time Freeze application for Windows 7 by clicking the Download button. Install the application and start using it.