How To Use WD Photo Recovery Software?

How To Use WD Photo Recovery Software?

How to use WD photo recovery software - Storing important documents and memorable photos is what your WD hard drive is meant to do. However, there are chances for your photos and other files on your WD drive to get deleted. This could happen when you delete your files unintentionally or due to drive corruption. Sometimes, you might format your drive and as a result, will lose all your photos.If you back up your files regularly, then you need not worry about your data being lost. But if there is no backup, then you have to look for other options to recover your photos.One best solution for WD photo recovery is to use third-party recovery tools. You have numerous such tools that are reliable and free. You can download them from the respective official site and easily recover your photos.

Recovery Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard On Windows

  • First and foremost, you have to download the EaseUS recovery tool to your computer.
  • Connect your computer to the Internet and open your favorite browser.
  • Now, navigate to the official site of EaseUS and download the installer for the Windows operating system.
  • Run the downloaded .exe file and install the EaseUS recovery tool on your computer.
  • Once everything is set, connect your WD driver to your computer and open the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
  • The first screen on the wizard will prompt you to choose a location to start the recovery process. Here you have to select your WD drive.
  • After selecting the driver, click the Scan button.
  • Wait until EaseUS completely scans your WD drive.
  • Once the scan gets completed, you will be able to see all the files that can be recovered on your drive.
  • Since you want to recover photos, click Filter and choose Pictures. This will list the photos that have been scanned.
  • Select the photos you want to restore and then click Recover.
  • In the dialog window, choose a location to save the recovered files. It is always recommended to choose a location other than the one from which you are recovering.
  • After selecting the location to store the photos, click OK.
  • Now, your WD photos have been recovered and you can access them.

For more assistance on how to use WD photo recovery software, get in touch with our technical team.