How To Get Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery? 

Western Digital hard drives are built for reliability and speed data transfer. You can store all types of files on these drives. The data stored on WD drives are protected with advanced security features. Now, if you have deleted your data stored on your Western Digital hard drive, then you have reached the right page to recover it. This page will help you with the steps for Western digital hard drive recovery.

Generally, the data that is lost from a WD hard drive can’t be recovered manually. Also, there is no data recovery software from the manufacturer (WD) as well. WD also doesn’t provide any assurance for using third-party software to recover the lost data. But, there are some third-party data recovery service providers who have partnered with WD. Based on your country or place of residence, the service providers might vary. On this page, you can find the Western Digital hard driver recovery service providers for the U.S.

Note: Before contacting any of the third-party data recovery service providers to recover your lost data, make sure to read the Data Recovery-Disclaimer page of WD. 

The third-party data recovery service providers available for the U.S. are listed below.

  • Ontrack (formerly Kroll Ontrack Data recovery)
  • Secure Data Recovery Services
  • DriveSavers Data Recovery

You can visit these service provider's web pages to learn about the data recovery procedure. To avoid data loss, you can take a backup of your data using the Acronis True Image for Western Digital application. This application is easy-to-use and it automatically protects your backup data from all kinds of threats. It is supported only in the Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery 

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