western digital hard drive test

Western digital hard drive test

The Wester digita ca be used test is a hard drive program, and it ca be made to ru as quality program from withi Windows and ca be located o a flash drive before the computer starts after the reset process. It has various options like Quick text, extended test, etc.

western digital hard drive diagnostic software

The Wester digita hard drive ca be used to check hard disk error and it ca be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site and ca be installed o the computer. This too ca lists al the hard drives, and you ca also check the hard drive. You ca instal it with Data lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows into a folder, and this ca be the setup process.

Western digital data lifeguard bootable iso

There are many free and premium applications that can be used to recover data from a Western Digital My Passport 1TB hard disk. These include EaseUS, Stellar Phoenix, Recuva, Wise Data Recovery, and so on. Here are the guidelines to recover data from the Western Digital My Passport hard disk. The guidelines mentioned below are similar for almost all these data recovery applications.

  • First, make sure that al the tools are available, to begi with the process.
  • Now, ope the manufacturer’s website, download the software and then save that i the desired location.
  • Next, go to the manufacturer website and select interna drives and choose the WD black drive accordingly.
  • Now select the Downloads optio and save it i some location.
  • Download the Freedos too and save it i a separate folder.
  • Download the wester digita software from the manufacturer’s website and the save it i a folder and save it as dosdlg.
  • Then, get the rufus and save it o the desktop and you ca download it from that site.
  • Save this file o the computer.
  • Now, connect a Pendrive and ope My Computer, and right-click o Multiboot and select Format.
  • Click the Start optio and the select OK.
  • Once after the Format is complete click, OK.
  • Now, right-click o the Rufus software and the select the Ru option.
  • Try to edit the Autoxec file.
  • Once the process is complete, uncheck the create extended labe and ico label.
  • Then, tap the Start optio and the click the OK option.
  • This process wil take some time. After that, click the OK option.
  • Next, ope the Contro pane o the computer and select Folder options.
  • Select the View menu and the show the hidde files, folders and drives and click Yes. Now, tap the Apply optio to change the settings.
  • Now, click OK.
  • Rename dosdlg to dosdlg5 and make sure that you copy and paste that into the Auto exec folder and save it.
  • Now, copy the files that you want and the paste it i the folder with dosdlg.
  • Ope the UltraISO program and ope the downloaded freedos image.
  • Delete the files which are inside the image and ensure that you replace them with the ones that have to be put together.
  • Save the file as freedos image and the close the UltraISO option.
  • Ope UltraISO and try to drag dosdlg5.exe and dosdlg.txt into UltraISO.
  • Make sure that you load the boot image that was created by clicking the bootable optio next to the file option.
  • Select the Extract boot file from CD/DVD optio and click the Load boot file optio and then make sure to save it as wdc5.25.ISO.
  • Tap the Save optio to save the file.
  • Then, load it to the xboot and verify that the bios are set right or sometimes it might not work.

Western Digital Hard Drive Repair Tool Kit

There are different tools available to repair a Western Digital hard drive such as Stellar Phoenix, Partition Recovery, EaseUS, Recuva, and so on.The guidelines below will help you perform the steps for repairing the DiskInternals Partition Recovery software.

  • Download the DiskInternals Partition Recovery application from the manufacturer's site and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the DiskInternals Partition Recovery application on your computer and view the dashboard.
  • You can click the Input Key button to enter the key for the software or click the Launch trial version button to use the software for a limited period of time.
  • Choose the required option on the screen from the options such as Full recover, Fast recover, or Reader. Choose the file type. Click Next.
  • Select the WD hard drive from which you need to recover the files and then click Next. Click Scan Disk.
  • After a while, the DiskInternals Partition Recovery application displays the scan list. Choose the files to be recovered by Partition Recovery. Now, click Preview to confirm whether you need to recover those files.
  • Choose the Recover option and then specify a destination folder for the recovered files.
  • To check whether the WD external drive's files are in a good state, use the CHKDSK feature on your computer.
  • Press the Wi and R keys at the same time when you are on the desktop and then type cmd in the Run entry field. Click OK to open CMD. Type the command' wmic diskdrive get status' without quotes and press Enter.
  • If the reply reads OK, then the files in the drive are in good condition. However, if the reply reads Bad, Unknown, or Caution, you will need to repair the WD external hard drive with a tool such as Disk Dril or Recuva.

WD HDD Bad Sector Repair Tool

You can follow the guidelines mentioned below to repair bad sectors on a WD external hard drive. Tools such as EaseUS, Recuva, Disk Drill, and so on, offer a way to repair bad sectors. However, in the guide given below, the guidelines correspond to the bad sector repair via EaseUS.

  • Download EaseUS partition manager on your computer from the manufacturer's site and install it.
  • Launch EaseUS partition manager on your computer and make sure that the WD external drive is connected to the computer.
  • Check whether the cable used to connect the WD external drive to the computer is working properly.
  • On the EaseUS partition manager dashboard, right-click the WD external hard drive.
  • Choose the Surface test option. Now, the EaseUS partition manager scans the WD external hard drive and displays the results on the screen. Red means that the specific sector is bad.
  • If there are a lot of 'bad' sectors on the WD external hard drive, consider backing up the data to a different hard drive.
  • Install EaseUS Disk Copy on your computer and launch it. Click the Disk Mode option and choose the WD external hard drive. Select Next.
  • Now, choose the destination disk to which you want to copy the contents of the WD external hard drive. Click Next --> OK.
  • Choose the Disk Layout option such as Autofit the disk, Copy as the source, or Edit disk layout from the Target layout after the copy drop-down list. Click Proceed.
  • Wait until the EaseUS Disk Copy operation is complete and then close the EaseUS window.

How To Test a Western Digital Hard Drive

To recover the corrupted files from the Western Digital (WD) external hard drive using the Stellar Data Recovery software, perform the instructions given below.

  • To perform a test operation on your Western Digital Hard drive, follow the guidelines given below.
  • You can use the HDD Manufacturer’s Tools to test your WD hard drive.
  • Open the Device Manager application on your computer.
  • Expand the Disk drives list and locate your hard drive. Now, go to the official site of the WD hard drive and download its utility.
  • After downloading the WD hard drive utility tool, run it on your system, and start performing the test process.
  • Check the status of the WD data recovery software.
  • If you find any error in the application, contact the WD Data Recovery technical support to fix the issue.

How To Test Western Digital External Hard Drive

To recover the data from WD My Passport Ultra using the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software, perform the recovery steps given below.

  • You can use the Windows CHKDSK Tool to perform the test operation on your external hard drive.
  • Connect your WD External hard drive to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Go to My Computer, select & right-click on your WD external hard drive in the Devices & Removable Storage section, and then click the Properties option.
  • Click Tools on the Properties screen.
  • To start the test process, click the Check now button.
  • Select both the options displayed on the ‘Check disk options screen’ and then select the Start button.
  • Wait for the test process to complete.
  • If any issue is found during the test, try to identify it.
  • If can’t find a solution for the issue, then immediately contact the manufacturer to fix it.