Yodot Zip Repair

If your important ZIP files are corrupted, you can use the Yodot ZIP repair tool to recover your data. It also repairs ZIPX files. If you can’t open your compressed files, you can repair them using the Yodot tool and open them. Most of the people compress their files to save space on their drive. Sometimes, your drive or computer may be infected by viruses, which results in corrupted ZIP files. In such cases, you can use the ZIP Repair tool to retrieve your files. The tool is also capable of repairing the corrupted root files. Yodot runs a quick scan to read the structure of the corrupted file and repairs it fastly. Carry out the steps that are given below to repair and retrieve your compressed files using the ZIP Repair tool

Yodot Zip Repair

Downloading The ZIP Repair Tool For Yodot:

  • Open a browser on your computer and enter the official Yodot website’s URL in the address bar.
  • Navigate to the Products section and click the File Repair tab.
  • Select the ZIP Repair tool under Compressed files.
  • You can download the free version of the ZIP repair tool for Yodot.
  • Click on the Download Now button and wait until the Yodot ZIP Repair tool download process is completed.

Repairing Using The ZIP Repair Tool:

  • Find the downloaded file and double-click on the installer file.
  • Once the ZIP Repair tool is installed, run it.
  • If the corrupted ZIP file is on your computer, browse and select the location of the corrupted file.
  • Once the location is selected, Yodot will run a scan to detect the problems in the file.
  • When the Yodot scanning process is completed, you can see the ‘repair was successful’ message.
  • Now, choose a different location on your computer to save the repaired file.
  • You could now access the repaired file with ease using Yodot ZIP repair tool.